Create & Start Appointments



You can now enable mobile engineers to search for Jobs and start working on outstanding Activities directly from the mobile app. 

This functionality can be useful in a number of scenarios such as working on Voids or Planned Projects where activities might not be scheduled but picked up and complete by teams in the field.



To enable this feature: 

  • Please raise a request with the Oneserve product or support team
  • Users will need to have the user type rights: 
    • [CMA] Adding Appointments via Mobile
    • [CPA] Create a Pooled Appointment

Note:  Mobile users will need to have an internet connection to the use this feature.  



For users who have this feature enabled, when the navigate to the Appointment list on their mobile they will see an option to 'Create New Appointment' at the top of the page.



  • Clicking on this button will launch a 'Search' function - users can search for Jobs by entering the Job Ref, Client Ref, Site Address or Postcode 


  • This will display Jobs that meet the following criteria;
    • Job has non-scheduled activities
    • Job Status is within the 'Pending' or 'In Progress' Job Status Groups
    • Job Team matches the Team for the logged-in mobile Resource  
    • The Resource has relevant skills (services) to complete the activities
  • The user can then select the Job & Activities they wish to start working on



  • After clicking 'Book Now' the user will be presented with a confirmation page where they can review the activities and add notes before confirming the appointment


  • An appointment will then be created for the current date and time with a duration based on the activities selected. Note: this may result in conflicting and overlapping appointments being displayed for the resource if they already have appointments scheduled for this time. 


  • The mobile user can then simply navigate to the appointment list on their mobile and start working as they normally would.  Time, activities, photos, signatures and surveys can be captured as they would for any appointments and logged against the Job to build a record of work completed. 



  • Desktop users will be able to see the appointment record against the Job and any notes added by the engineer when booking the appointment will also display here.