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Why haven’t Localz SMS messages been sent to the customer?

This could be for a number of reasons, the following should be checked:

  • The job in Oneserve should have a contact with a phone number of type ‘SMS Text’ This doesn’t have to be the preferred contact, but must be a valid UK mobile phone number starting ‘07…’. The contact number must be configured on the job at the time the appointment is first scheduled, it cannot be added at a later date.

  • The job must use a Oneserve ‘Work Type’ configured for Localz. The list of ‘Work Types’ for which Localz is configured will have been agreed upon during the implementation of Localz, or via any subsequent ‘work orders’. The Oneserve system admin should keep a record of these, alternatively, the list of valid Oneserve Work Types for which Localz is valid can be requested via the Support Team.

  • As the appointment was scheduled, the ‘notification’ check box was left unchecked. Localz SMS messages will only be sent if the ‘notification’ check box on the scheduling page is checked.

    Note: Please ensure the box is checked when amending appointments via the ‘Schedule / Scheduler’ Oneserve menu option.

  • The mobile phone number was not valid, or the customer’s phone may have been turned off, or without mobile reception, at the time the message was attempted to be sent. In addition, as detailed above the number must be a valid UK phone number starting ‘07…’.

  • The Localz dashboard indicates within the ‘Job details’ ‘Summary’ tab the SMS delivery status, either indicating the SMS was delivered successfully (as recorded by the resident's mobile network carrier) with the time it was delivered, or if the message could not be delivered a delivery status of ‘expired’.

    Note: Delivery of each Localz SMS message is attempted over a period of 20 minutes. If the message cannot be delivered within this time no further attempts are made.

    In addition during implementation, the hours for attempting to deliver messages (for example, 8am-8pm) will be agreed and detailed within the implementation template, held by the Oneserve System Admin.

Which phone number will be sent Localz SMS messages?

There must be a contact on the Oneserve job, with a phone number number of type 'SMS Text' and starting 07, if a number starting 07 is entered but with a type which isn't 'SMS Text', Localz will not be activated.

The Localz dashboard isn’t showing the information expected

The Localz dashboard only reports information about appointments sent to Oneserve, and it is not intended as a replacement for the Oneserve views facility, which can report on a job basis rather than individual appointments within a job. Oneserve holds more detailed information on all jobs and appointments, including those that haven’t triggered Localz notifications.

The Localz dashboard, reached by clicking ‘Home’ in the left navigation bar, only reports on appointments scheduled that day and sent to Localz. The dashboard does not display information about all appointments scheduled over time, or those not sent to Localz. There is an ‘Advanced’ link in the left navigation bar, that can be used to search for Localz appointments historically, view their details, and export them as a CSV file into a spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting if required.

The Localz dashboard will only show appointments in the 'Home' scheduled that day, even if the operative chooses to start an appointment scheduled in the future. Appointments scheduled on days other than the current day can be viewed using the 'Advanced' search option, which has the ability to search historical and future appointments if required.

All appointments requiring an additional appointment for whatever reason go to status 'No Access'. However overnight they are given a Deleted timestamp and show up in the 'Cancelled' report category instead of 'No Access' the next day. In a similar way if details of appointments are exported, appointments that resulted in an additional appointment being required will be marked as with a timestamp in the ‘deleted’ column when exported.

I’m expecting to see updates to the Localz dashboard layout but they haven’t appeared?

If the Localz dashboard doesn’t appear as you’d expect, try a hard refresh in your browser, or a new browser ‘incognito’ or private browser window. A hard refresh in the Chrome browser requires you to click the Refresh button which is usually located to the left of the address bar, while also holding down ‘CTRL’.

A hard refresh is required as the layout of the Localz dashboard is cached in your browser to improve performance. This is particularly important when switching between your Live and Test Localz dashboard. You should use a different browser window, one of which is ‘incognito’ or private, and clear the browser cache for the Localz dashboard, by doing a hard refresh, to force the browser to reload the entire Localz dashboard. This is useful useful when you are testing a new feature as it may by the reason why there are differences between live and test.

  • Windows users: hold down Ctrl and then press F5 on your keyboard.
  • Mac users: hold down Cmd and Shift and then press R on your keyboard.

Localz not showing ETA

Ensure you have the background app permissions set correctly, ie to ‘always allow’ sharing of your location.

Localz not showing appointment on the map

Ensure that your operative / ‘resource’ is configured against only one user in the Oneserve app. If the same resource is configured against multiple users, Oneserve may send the appointment to Localz with an incorrect user, and therefore your background app username will not match the username you’re using for the Oneserve mobile app which is required to enable tracking.

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