Job Creation User Type Rights



The job creation process in Oneserve allows several changes and additions to be made to existing sites and contacts, in addition to adding new jobs to the system. In order to control which users have access to specific parts of the job creation process, Oneserve includes several User Type Rights which can be assigned on a per-user type basis to restrict which elements can be interacted with by any one group.

User Type Rights

Creating Jobs

  • Create Job [QJOBC]
  • Create Job [CRJ]
  • Create Job for any Supplier [CJA]

NOTE CRJ is a legacy right and is no longer required for job creation. To raise jobs from the "Create Job" Menu, users only require QJOBC

Cloning and Linking Jobs

  • Create Clone Job [CRCJ]
  • Link Job [JOBLI]

Editing and Adding Sites During Job Creation

  • QJC - Add New Site Location [QJCNSL]
  • QJC - Edit Site Address [QJCESA]
  • QJC - Edit Usage Type [QJCEUT]
  • QJC - Edit Site Location Type [QJCESLT]
  • QJC - Edit Site Location Ref [QJCESLR]

Editing and Adding Contacts During Job Creation

  • QJC - Edit Contact Name [QJCECN]

Require Coding When Creating Jobs

  • QJC - Make Coding Mandatory [QJC_CODING_MANDATORY]