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In a world where your customers have become very familiar with real-time service updates from big brands like Amazon, Uber and DPD, Oneserve can now offer the same frictionless service to manage your customer experience from start to finish thanks to the Oneserve-Localz solution.

An operative will visit your customers' premises and carry out appointments. When an operative begins travelling to a customer's premises an SMS is sent to the customer giving the operative's estimated time of arrival (ETA). The customer also receives a link to the Localz Customer Portal where they can track the operative's travel progress and send messages to the operative, for example “back in 10 mins” or “doorbell not working”.

In the office, the scheduling team can monitor the location of the operatives using the Localz Dashboard and see today's appointments and their current status. Searches can also be carried out to see previous appointments.

Localz Dashboard

Real-time information

Oneserve has teamed up with Localz, a leading real-time customer communications and service tracking solution. The partnership enables appointment data held in Oneserve to integrate seamlessly with Localz technology so that live alerts are automatically delivered to your customers on the day of their appointment. Using location intelligence to give real-time updates to your customers ensures they are kept in the loop about ETAs, providing total confidence around your appointments, reducing frustrations your customers may experience around not knowing when your operative will arrive.

Key features

  • Appointment confirmation and reminder messages
  • Automated operative ‘On The Way’ notifications
  • Accurate operative estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on the predicted route
  • Customers can live track an operative when they are ‘On The Way’
  • Customers can message an operative directly through the Localz Customer Portal
  • Post-completion customer feedback surveys
  • Reduces 'no access' appointments
  • Complete visibility via automated appointment reminders, ETA updates and real-time operative tracking

Capture instant feedback

When the appointment has been completed, capture instant customer feedback via a short survey to help you get a live and honest picture of customer satisfaction. View survey results and actionable insights via the Localz Dashboard.

Get operational oversight

The Localz Dashboard provides you with real-time visibility of the location of an operative when they are travelling to or working on an appointment, giving you better operational oversight of their current status.

How does Localz work?

Localz services can be embedded within your Oneserve solution without the need for operatives to change their current ways of working.

The Localz background app will need to be installed onto your operatives' mobile devices - this allows Localz to understand the location of an operative in order to calculate their time to arrive at a customer's appointment.

Your operatives carry on using the Oneserve mobile app to complete work as they do now. When they start to travel to the next appointment Localz automatically calculates their ETA and updates the customers accordingly with SMS.

From the SMS, customers can open the Localz Customer Portal on their devices to get real-time updates or see an operative's real-time location in a map view.

All events and actions are recorded in the Localz dashboard to provide operational oversight and insights.

Who can use Localz?

The Localz services can be enabled for any mobile operatives who are using the Oneserve mobile application. The standard Oneserve-Localz solution is designed to support teams running responsive workflows but this can be extended to cover other workflows if required.

Find out more

If you’re interested in benefiting from the Oneserve-Localz solution please contact our Client Success team for more information or to arrange a demo.

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