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The Localz Dashboard home screen is designed to be used by the scheduling team to obtain an overview of today's operations. It provides up-to-date information to view all operatives working on today's appointments at any given time. The map view shows the real-time location of all operatives when they are on their way to an appointment. Clicking a specific number statistic will take you to another screen where you can find out more detail of today's appointments.


The home page provides the scheduling team with an “at a glance” overview of the appointments scheduled for that day, completion rates and times.


The Map menu enables you to track the status of your operatives and visually see all of today's appointments in their locations. Every active operative can be seen when they are travelling to or working on an appointment. You can search for specific operatives by their name or location. The scheduling team can view the current recommended route of operatives when they are travelling along with their travel time and ETA (estimated time of arrival). The scheduling team can view the actual route the operative has taken once the appointment has been completed. The map initially opens with your company's HQ in the centre of the screen.


In Maps there are three tabs:

  • “Driver Search by Location
  • “Search Search by Driver
  • “Job Search by Job Ref

Clicking on an operative's initials on the map will show the status of their appointments today. The jobs will have the status:

  • “Outstanding” Outstanding - an appointment that hasn't been started
  • “Travelling” Travelling - 'On The Way' to this appointment
  • “Arrived” Arrived - working on this appointment
  • “Complete” Complete - the appointment has been successfully completed
  • “Additional Additional Appt - the appointment has been deleted as the appointment failed and an additional appointment is required.

In Map view you have the option of changing the magnification (bottom right) and changing the layers (top right). “Map


The scheduling team get an overview of appointments via the dashboard. Click through to view the details of current and completed jobs today, including customer and operative details, status, history, messages from customers and customer feedback.

Appointments are searchable and are grouped into tables relating to their current status so that the scheduling team can quickly focus on the appointments they need to.

The appointments menu contains:

  • Dispatch - the status of today's appointments
  • Completed - today's completed appointments
  • Additional appt - additional appointment required
  • Advanced - search for appointments between specified dates. These appointments can be historic, current or future appointments. In addition you can export data to a CSV file for further analysis outside of the Localz dashboard.

When an operative uses the Oneserve app with the Localz background app and travels to a job, the dashboard updates accordingly. This is show by the person icon to the left of the Job Ref field. “Checked

To find out more information about a specific appointment, check the box and click 'Appointment Details'.

Appointment details

The Localz Dashboard provides detailed information in five tabs:

  • Summary - appointment history and status
  • Customer - the name and address of the customer and the operative's estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Operative - the operative who carried out the work
  • Feedback - feedback received from the customer when they respond to the survey link in their 'Finished' SMS.
  • Route Map - the journey the operative took from the previous appointment to this appointment


Some of this information can also be found in Job History in Oneserve:


User management

Setup and maintain users and groups. See Creating users in Localz.

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