Release Notes: April 2019


Software Update - April 2019

In this update you will benefit from more flexibility with notifications, together with a number of bug fixes. Details of these are as follows:

Improved: Greater Notification Flexibility

You asked for it, so you got it! You can now select whether notifications will automatically be sent when appointments are rolled back. With a simple ‘ON/OFF’ button you can decide if you’d like this feature.

This means that if your workflow includes a step that could reject and roll back a booking, i.e. an ‘operational review’ step, you can now automatically select Oneserve to resend notifications as that appointment proceeds through the workflow again. No more inconsistency or manual sending. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to only send a notification on the first occurrence, you can leave the button on the ‘OFF’ default setting.

If you’d like to turn this new feature on, the repeat notification button is easily accessible - just create or amend the transition step within your workflow and click on your preference, as shown below.

img 3

Bug Fixes

FIXED: Resource Working Area now being considered when booking appointments through the APIs

We’ve resolved a bug in which, when booking appointments via either the AddAppointment API or BulkAppointmentBook API, the Resource Working Area was not being considered, causing appointments to be assigned to the wrong individual. All appointments are now assigned to the correct individual with Resource Working Areas taken into consideration.

FIXED: Appointments in the Scheduler can now be moved, or ‘snapped’, with ease

We’ve removed a bug that was returning an error when moving, or ‘snapping’, an appointment in front of another. This error occurred because, whilst moving the appointment, it didn’t reevaluate the drive time correctly.

Now, when ‘snapping’ an appointment, Oneserve uses the expected drive time based on the selected time slot and the appointments either side of it.

This is now the default. It is possible to revert back to the old behaviour whereby the Scheduler uses estimated drive time regardless of the newly selected time slot and existing appointments. If you would like to revert, please raise a Support Request.

FIXED: Mobile App now showing decimal points for activity quantities

All activities on appointments that have a quantity with two decimal places, will now be displayed correctly on the Mobile App.

FIXED: Document titles now displaying correctly

When we moved to the new Document Service in the last Release, we uncovered a bug in which documents were not displaying the name correctly. This has been fixed and the template name for the document is now shown in the title.

FIXED: The BulkAppointmentBook API no longer overbooks appointments

We have resolved an issue with the BulkAppointmentBook API overbooking appointments and causing conflicts. This no longer happens because the API now loads appointments sequentially, checking availability before each appointment is scheduled.

FIXED: The Optimiser now accurately reports successes

We uncovered a bug in which the Optimiser was reporting a successful run even if it had failed. This has now been resolved so all run reports are now correct.

FIXED: Test Site: Optimiser results page now accessible

While on the Test Site, the Optimiser results page would previously crash and display an error. This has now been resolved giving you full access to the results page.

ENHANCED: Search Views and Exports

Previously, large exports could cause app instability as all data was processed at once. We've now improved upon this by splitting up the data into batches and allowing the application to process each in turn before returning the export file. This will improve the durability and reliability of the service.

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