Release Notes - May 2021


Release Candidate: May 2021 (Minor Release) - Core


Please find below a summary of the release notes for the next Core upgrade proposed for May 2021. This is currently being planned as a minor release upgrade. As such this will not require release candidate testing as we have historically provided for a major upgrade.


Appointment API - Additional data fields now available

The following data fields available in our appointments API:

  • Additional Contact Type
  • Job Owner
  • Site Usage Type.

These will also be made available in a future release of the mobile app.

Display the desktop login page on mobile devices (Planned)

Many users access the Oneserve desktop app from mobile devices and tablets. When you now enter the URL for Oneserve into a browser on a mobile device, the browser establishes that the user is on a mobile device and displays the login page for the old mobile web app. As the old mobile site is no longer supported, this functionality has been disabled.

Authentication changes

We have made changes to the way we handle user authentication to improve performance and mitigate issues for users on the mobile app.

View performance improvements

We have optimised underlying data structure to improve the performance of obtaining Job Attribute information in Search Views.



Issue: Unable to remove contact methods from a Job

Resolution: The issue where removing contact methods (i.e. phone, email, mobile details) would not remove them from the database so they were still being displayed against the Job, has been fixed.


Issue: Issue editing Job Contact details

Resolution: Fixed an issue where modifying Job Contact would update the Contact record but not the Job Contact.


Issue: Error when modifying contact details on a Job

Resolution: Modifying contact details from the job page would throw an error. This has been fixed.


Issue: Prevented from adding photos to an Enhanced Survey via desktop interface

Resolution: The file browser would not work when testing Enhanced Surveys or editing submissions on Enhanced Surveys. The issue has been fixed.


Issue: Issue accessing Activities tab against Work Type settings

Resolution: Certain characters (such as em dash and en dash) in activity groups or activities would cause errors when viewing work type activities. This is no longer an issue.


Issue: Scheduler will not render appointment for a specific resource

Resolution: Drive time calculation was failing when two locations had the same coordinates but different postcodes. This was preventing the scheduler from rendering appointments for a specific resource. This issue has been fixed.


Issue: Wrong file being downloaded

Resolution: Setting the same filename on two files being uploaded at the same time might result in the incorrect file being selected at download. This has been fixed.


Issue: GetJobsByEvent API failing with code 500 error

Resolution: Fixed an issue where resource work times not associated with an appointment would prevent the getJobsByEvent API from completing.