Product Requests


Process Notes

Thank you for your request. If you haven’t already done so, please complete a Partner Business Case to allow us to fully review your requirement. Oneserve Support can supply you with a business case template, or you can find it attached to this article.

As a Product Team, we must fully understand your, and your fellow client-partners, needs so that we can ensure we continue to provide you with a field service management solution that delivers service and operational excellence not just today, but into the future too. To do this we fully investigate the feasibility of each of your requirements and prioritise them accordingly.

In addition to assessing product requests from our client-partners, we also conduct user and market research, analyse data and model potential solutions to ensure we have a holistic view that will accurately direct our roadmap.

When you submit a request, we refer to all the research we have carried out previously as well as requests from other client-partners. We can then establish the value your request will provide, the time it will take to develop, and the impact it would have on our planned roadmap.

Once this review is complete, your request is processed as follows:

Product Review Process - Explained

On receipt of a Partner Business Case, the Product team will review your request and respond to you with a status, or a request for further information, within 5 working days. We consider the following areas with each request:

  • Value to all client-partners
  • Oneserve’s current system capabilities
  • Oneserve’s strategic themes
  • Oneserve’s roadmap
  • Other product requests

If further information is required in order to effectively review the request, the Product team will set the status to ‘More information required’ and contact you via the support portal, until we have enough detail to complete the review.


There are three different outcomes from the product review process, as highlighted below.

Under Consideration

If your request is set to ‘Under Consideration’ it means we are actioning your suggestion. This will happen within a six month window and we will keep you up-to-date with progress. Once the work is due for release, your Client Success representative will be in touch to let you know when it will be available.

As well as your ticket being set to ‘Under Consideration’ it will also be kept in an ‘Open’ status on the support portal.

Future Consideration

If your request is set to ‘Future Consideration’, it means your request is on hold for at least a few months whilst we work through existing commitments.

We will periodically review this request within 12 months of our initial decision and communicate any updates with you as required.

If, following a review, we are in a position to process your request, we will re-categorise it as ‘Under Consideration’ - the process of which is detailed above.

Not Being Considered

If your request is set to ‘Not Being Considered’, having taken all factors into account, we have concluded that it will not be feasible to proceed. At this point, we will provide you with further information explaining our decision. There will be no further action on this request.