Appointments and Localz


Today's appointments can be found in Dispatch page on the Localz Dashboard.

Using the Oneserve-Localz solution:

  1. Jobs are created as usual in Oneserve.

  2. Create an Appointment and ensure that the Notification checkbox is checked. “Notification

    Checking the Notification checkbox will ensure that your customers receive SMS notifications about their appointment.

  3. Resources are assigned to appointments, as usual in Oneserve.

  4. When the appointment is created or rescheduled, Localz will send an SMS immediately, although sending this may be delayed if during implementation your system admin agreed there were certain times SMS should not be sent.

    • If the appointment is created or rescheduled with a start time at least 30 hours or more ahead, Localz will schedule a 24 hour reminder to be sent out 24 hours prior to the appointment start time.
    • When it's 24 hours before the appointment, Localz will check to make sure the original appointment hasn't been rescheduled or cancelled and then send the reminder SMS. If the appointment has been rescheduled then Localz will schedule a new 24 hour reminder. If the appointment has been cancelled no reminders are sent.
  5. The operative is set up as a driver in Localz.

  6. The operative opens the Oneserve mobile app, selects an appointment and selects 'Travel'.

  7. The Localz background app starts tracking the operative.

  8. The customer receives an SMS with the operative's estimated time of arrival (ETA).

  9. When the operative is 15 minutes away, the operative receives another SMS.

  10. If required, the customer can send the operative a message using the link into their SMS. The message could be “beware of the dog” or “back in 10 minutes”. The customer can see where the operative is on a map.

  11. The operative arrives at the appointment and sets their Oneserve app to 'Working'.

  12. The Localz background app stops tracking the operative.

  13. The operatives completes the appointment.

  14. Localz sends an SMS to the customer with a survey link so that feedback can be given.

Note: The timings and content of the SMS can be configured during the implementation of Localz.

Unable to complete appointment

If the customer is not at home or the operative is unable to complete the appointment for any other reason, the operative changes the status, on the Oneserve mobile app to additional appointment required.

If an appointment is not completed before the time it is scheduled, it becomes 'cancelled' within Localz. Although the operative can still go back and complete it within the Oneserve App, no Localz messages will be sent. It's recommended the scheduling team, reschedules the appointment, in Oneserve, for a date in the future, so that a new appointment confirmation message is sent, alongside further Localz message updates to the customer.

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