Localz FAQs



A series of FAQs.

How do I set up Localz or add new user licences?

If you are interested in setting up the Localz solution or adding more licences to your existing contract then please speak with our Client Success or Support Teams who can help organise this for you.

What is the ‘Background App’ and what does it do?

The Localz background app is a standalone location tracking app that sits in the background on an operative's device. When operatives are 'On The Way' to the customer’s address, the Localz server will ping the background app frequently to get an update on their location. Localz uses this to calculate the operative's estimated time of arrival (ETA) and to update the customer tracking map.

Once you’ve installed the background app and logged in, there’s nothing else to do. All you need to do is carry on as you were, using your normal work management app and Oneserve will do the rest.

When can customers track operatives?

Customers can only track operatives from the moment they mark themselves as 'On The Way' to the moment they arrive at the customer’s address. As soon as the operative arrives at the appointment, tracking for the customer will be disabled.

Can customers see where operatives have been?

No, customers can only see where operatives are now, when they're 'On The Way' to the customer's location. When customers click on the link within their SMS, the tracking map displayed will only display the operative's live location and an indication of their expected route. Localz will we never show where the operative has been previously (prior to this appointment), or where the operative started their journey.

Can customers see an operative's phone number?

No. The operative's phone number is hidden from the customer.

Can operatives turn off tracking?

No, Localz manages the tracking.

Do operatives need to use the app for anything else?

No, once it’s installed and operatives have logged in, that’s it. They can forget about the app and let Localz handle everything in the background.

Is the operative's location for anything else?

Localz uses your operative's locations for their operational dashboard. When operatives are on route to a customer, a dashboard user can view where an operative is and follow their journey and see their ETA and progress. They can also see any messages the customer may have sent the operative during their journey.

What mobile devices do we need for our operatives?

A recent Android mobile device is required. Refer to Oneserve's supported platform documentation. It is recommended that the organisation limit the number of different models of device to as few as possible to ensure location tracking is reliable.

Is 2-way chat messaging between operatives and customers supported?

The customer can send a message directly to the operative using the link provided in their SMS. A 2-way chat is not currently supported. If the operative does need to reply to the customer they can do this by obtaining the customer's details in the Oneserve mobile app and texting or calling the customer directly, if supported by your business process.

Is the standard Localz implementation suitable for all Oneserve customers?

We recommend that larger or more complex organisations running multiple work streams in Oneserve, request an indepth requirements review with Oneserve to ensure the standard implementation is appropriate for your needs. It's likely that a Oneserve Enterprise customer will have integrations with external systems such as HMS (Housing Management Systems) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, and jobs created via the Oneserve API will require bespoke configuration of Localz.

What are the 'cancelled appointments' shown when I click 'Additional appt'?

Localz will automatically cancel any appointments that haven't been completed on their scheduled day. Localz cancels the appointment overnight. These will show in the advanced view, and also when you click 'Additional appt' from the Home Dashboard. However the total of 'Cancelled' appointments are not included in the total of 'Additional appointments' shown in the Dashboard Home.

These appointments, if they are still required, should be rescheduled in Oneserve which will create a new appointment with the same Job Ref but with a new appointment date in Localz.

My customer's aren't receiving the ETA (estimated time of arrival) for certain operatives?

If the ETA isn't being included in the Customer Portal or SMS appointment confirmation when the operative starts travelling to the appointment, this is likely due to:

  • The mobile application permissions on the operatives device being incorrectly set, in particular location permissions, which need to be set to 'Allow all the time' on the Localz background app.
  • The operative is not logged into the Localz background app on their device, or it's not installed.
  • The operative is logged into the Localz background app with a different user name, to the one they use to login to the Oneserve app. It's important their Localz driver account username, and Oneserve username for their mobile user match exactly.'

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