Localz Background App


The Localz background app runs on each operative's mobile device. It's used to track the location of the operative when they are 'on duty' (working on an appointment) and the live 'on duty' location is shown on the map area of the Localz Dashboard. It is downloaded via a link provided by the system administrator and installed on the mobile device of the operative.

The operative does not interact with this background app. The operative's mobile device must have a mobile data signal for the location to be tracked. The operative's route history is available in the Localz Dashboard.

Installing the background app

The Localz background app is built specifically for your organisation and a deployment package (computer file) is provided for your IT team to deploy to the mobile workforce. The Localz background app is stored on the operative's mobile device.

To install the background app:

  1. Follow the link provided by the system administrator and install the app

  2. Open the app

  3. Let app always run in background? Select 'Allow'

  4. Allow [Name of Oneserve app] to access this device's location? Select 'Allow all the time'

  5. Allow [Name of Oneserve app] to access your physical activity? Select 'Allow'

  6. Enter the 'driver' username and password

    “Localz Background app

    Please note: to log out of the app, ask your system administrator for the Log Out password.

The app works best when an organisation has a limited number of different Android devices.

Using the Localz background app

Once logged in, the Localz background app runs in the background and you do not need to interact with it. The Localz background communicates with the Oneserve mobile app in the background.

The operative will be notified on their mobile app when the Localz background app is sharing their location. The location is only shared with the operative is travelling to, or working on an appointment.

How the Localz background app works

The operative uses the Oneserve mobile app and selects 'Travel' on an appointment. The Localz background app sends a notification to the operative to say their location is being shared; and sends an SMS to the Customer with an estimated time of arrival (ETA). When the operative arrives at the appointment and sets the Oneserve app to 'Working', the Localz background app stops tracking the operative's location.

Log out

Each Localz mobile background app has a unique ‘log out’ password. The system administrator keeps a list of the log out passwords.

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