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Customers receive information from Localz about their appointments via SMS. The SMS contains a link to the customer portal where the customer can find out more information about their appointment. The customer will receive a 'On The Way' SMS, with an ETA (estimated time of arrival), when the operative selects 'Travel' in the customer's appointment. If the operative has far to travel, the customer will receive another SMS when the ETA falls below an agreed level, for example 15 minutes.

The content of the SMS is adapted to suite the requirements of your company and tailored with your branding and company guidelines.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a secure web-based portal with details of the customer's service appointment details. The customer portal is device responsive and adapts to the size of the screen and device for optimised viewing. The portal has three tabs:

  • Map - shows the location of the appointment and when the operative is travelling to the appointment, the customer will be able to see follow the progress of the operative on the map and see their ETA. This is displayed in real-time.
  • Job Info - shows the name of the operative who will carry out the appointment, the appointment details alongside the progress of the operative.
  • Contact - contact information so that the customer can contact you.

Customer Customer Customer


When the appointment has been completed, the customer is sent an SMS asking them to complete feedback in the customer portal. The customer can choose one of 5 emojis to convey their thoughts on the appointment from sad to happy. Customers can also complete survey questions and give free text answers.

Feedback is displayed in the Feedback tab of the Appointment details in the Localz Dashboard. The Localz Dashboard Home page collates feedback scores from today's appointments.

Dashboard users can be notified of negative feedback via the Localz Dashboard or via an email.

Appointments, including feedback can be downloaded as a CSV file in the Advanced screen of the Localz Dashboard.

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