Activities Team Costs Overview



The dedicated team and activity cost management centre within Oneserve gives you great visibility and control over your team and activity costs.

What Are Activity Costs?

Activities are assigned to jobs and appointments to provide the details of what tasks are required. When a job is created, at least one activity will need to be assigned. The activity includes a description of the work to be performed as well as the expected time and associated cost for the task. By setting average durations and expected costs, Oneserve can schedule appointments appropriately and ensure you have accurate costings for jobs.

What Are Team Costs?

In addition to recording labour and activity costs, you can also assign costs to your specific teams. This provides you with an accurate and granular view of your costs and enables you to support different team types who may charge different rates for performing activities.

The user-friendly design of the team and activity cost management centre allows you to easily view and administer all of your costs in an efficient manner. Cost groups can be assigned in a way that makes it easy to search, and filter, for different costs against an activity. These simple filters also enable you to amend costs in bulk, if required. A history view also provides you with a thorough audit trail of any changes made to costs, showing you who made them, when and what formula was used (if relevant).

Further details on the functionality contained within the team and activity cost management centre can be found in the following detailed user guides: