Known Issues


img1.png Known Issues

This page lists known product issues in the Oneserve application. Please browse through these to see if your issue is addressed here. If not then please raise a ticket with the Oneserve Support team.

Note: Bug fixes are included in release notes when they are part of a product release.


img2.png Add Activity Cost admin screen shows red highlighted error when adding values as two decimal place numbers.

Description: When adding activity costs via the Add Activity Cost screen, a red box will be displayed around the 'Unit Cost*' and 'Unit Sales*' fields if a value is added in the format of two decimal places. If you save the record the costs will be added correctly to Oneserve against the activity record as a four decimal place value.

Workaround: Not required.


Fixed Reports

img2.png Profit & Loss per Job Report blank when exporting to Excel.

Description: No data is populated in the Excel spreadsheet when exporting data from the fixed report called 'Profit & Loss per Job'.

Workaround: If this data is required then please contact Oneserve Support detailing the filters you require, the team will be able to export this for you into an Excel spreadsheet.

Self-Service Reports

img2.png Missing Logo on PDF Reports

Description: When reports are printed as PDF from Oneserve Analytics, images such as logos are not preserved. This is due to a bug with the upstream provider.

Workaround: None at this time


Google map controls obscure view larger map button

Description: On map preview windows, the Google map navigation buttons partially obscure the "View Larger Map" button (top right hand corner).


Workaround: To access "View Larger Map", the user can maximise the map view with the full screen button. Once full screen, the "View Larger Map" button will be clearly accessible.


New Mobile

 Survey Attributes Occasionally Failing to Send From New Mobile

Description: Occasionally, survey results will fail to sync with the server if the connection is interrupted during the upload of data. This means that jobs with mandatory attributes will sometimes complete without the attribute data as the application allows the appointment to be completed once the survey is filled in.

We are currently investigating this behaviour but believe the issue is related the way that data queueing is handled when switching network states.

The notes here provide more information on this and the steps that can be taken to manage this issue if it arises. We are also working on some functional changes to the mobile application that will mitigate this issue in the near future.

We will post further updates against this known issue as work progresses in this area.

Workaround: No workaround at this time

Location Tracking on New Mobile 

Operative locations not updating as frequently as expected

Description: In the new mobile application (android only), customers have the option to enable location tracking for their operatives. We are aware of an issue where operative locations are not updating as frequently as expected, especially when operatives are working in areas of poor network coverage or have been driving for an extended period of time on higher speed roads.

We are currently taking a review of the location tracking functionality in Oneserve. Please contact us if you are using or would like to use this tool as we would like to understand your requirements before proceeding with any development.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.


Scheduler key: Type name outside of box

Description: Boxes in the "Key" within the scheduler screen can overlap the edge of the surrounding box.


Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Scheduler key: Scroll bar pushes link

Description: Occasionally, hovering over the "Key" field on the scheduler screen can cause automatic scrolling to allow the pop up to fit on the screen. This then repeats as the mouse cursor travels with the scroll, off the link and back on in a loop.


Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Activity team can be edited after appointment booked

After an appointment is booked, the assigned team can be changed, completed through the mobile app but the appointment stays assigned to the old team within the application.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Rows stay blue when cancelling appointment rescheduled

Description: After cancelling the rescheduling of an appointment through the create appointment screen, the resource rows can become stuck as blue when they should revert to their original colour of white when no appointments are being scheduled.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.


Scheduler Time Slots Appear Squashed

Description: The scheduler can appear squashed, leaving little room for appointments to be added to time slots. This is caused by a mismatch between the server's time zone and the client computer time zone, as the page is rendered using the local machine's clock.

Workaround: Change timezone to London time and uncheck options for setting daylight savings time to ensure the client machine matches the server's clock.


Completed GRN PO quantity lines up to location

Description: Creating a Goods Receipt can cause the goods quantity field from a purchase order to misalign within columns.


Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Stock Check - slow response

Description: Performing stock checks can take a significant time to complete with no visual indicator of progress giving the user the impression it was unsuccessful. The larger the check the longer the delay can be.


Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Work Type

Job documents do not change with work type

Description: When changing the work type on a created job, the available documents do not update to the documents available on the newly chose work type.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Enhanced Surveys

img2.png 16MB submission limit on surveys

There is currently a 16MB limit on Enhanced Survey submissions. Exceeding this limit will prevent the survey from saving and all submission data will be lost permanently.

This limit cannot be equated to a number of photos because it depends on the size of each photo. However, if your mobile device permits, by reducing the resolution size of the photos, you will be able to add more. For example, by reducing the file size on a Google Pixel 3a, we were able to add six photos to a survey.

Note: It isn’t possible to reduce your camera resolution on iOS devices, but we are able to regularly add 5 photos to a survey using an iPhone 7, depending on the length of the survey itself. If you have lots of questions on your survey, the chances are you will be able to add fewer photos.

This situation can occur in some cases with even one photo. To ensure the survey submission is not lost, make sure that the Maximum File Size field on the file component is set to 10MB, this will actively prevent you from adding an image that would risk the submission failing to sync to the back office and therefore being lost.

Other Options

If you want to add more than 5 or 6 photos, there is another option which is slightly more manual. Photos taken through the Oneserve Mobile app directly (but not in Enhanced Surveys) are automatically reduced to a significantly smaller size. Therefore, if you have the ‘Save Photos to Gallery’ option activated in your preferences, you can take photos through the app which are then saved onto your device in sizes of around 200KB per photo. This means you could comfortably add more than 20 photos to an Enhanced Survey as long as you selected these photos from the gallery and don’t take them directly through Enhanced Surveys. Please note that this will only work if you take all photos through the app before you commence an Enhanced Survey, as you have to complete the survey in one go.

 Updates not Saving on HTML Content Component

The HTML component can fail to save updates in the Enhanced Survey creation tool if too much data is added between each update. This is due to an issue upstream which causes large payloads to fail to sync without returning an error message.


  • A large amount of data is added to an HTML component in Enhanced Surveys
  • The component is saved and the survey is updated
  • When the survey is tested, the updates to the component have not been saved


Adding data in smaller amounts (e.g. working a line at a time) and updating in-between allows the data to be synced back to the server without issue. Working from copy and adding the data in a bit at a time is recommended in the meantime.


 Contact saving issue

Page crashing when trying to modify contacts on a job. Here is a basic rundown of the issue we are facing with contacts. Please note that this only occurs when editing a contact from a job screen. It does not impact editing contacts directly or against a site.

The issue occurs when the user tries to edit the contact details stored against a job. 

Upon clicking "Update", an error screen is encountered and no changes are made to the job contact. The contact entry on the site is updated.



The only way to get these jobs updated is to contact Oneserve support via a ticket asking for the jobs to be updated, 

In order to amend job contact details, users on the latest version of Oneserve should supply the Support team with:

  • The job reference/client reference of the job they wish to update
  • Details of what needs to be changed for the contact against the job

Support can then make these changes on the database directly.