New Mobile: Adding Assets

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The Oneserve mobile application makes it easy for engineers to add new assets to appointments on the go. This feature allows you to dynamically update your catalogue of serviceable assets as you complete work.


  • Navigate to the Surveys tab in the appointment to see a list of all surveys to be filled out against assets.


  • Tap the Asset List button in the top left to show all currently stored assets


  • Tap the + button to bring up the Asset Creation screen


  • Enter your asset ref and select the asset type from the list


Note: surveys will be assigned to the asset based on its asset type

  • Enter the Manufacturer, Model, and Location of the asset. Only available options will be shown based on the values selected


  • Select the condition of the asset


  • Click the tick icon in the top right of the screen to save the asset. You will be advised of what surveys are available against the asset upon saving it


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