Recording Parts Used



Parts can be added to appointments on the go in the Oneserve mobile application. This allows operatives to select parts from your catalogue when they are used, giving you up-to-date information about stock levels and part usage.

To use parts against appointments a mobile resource must be assigned the following;

  • Part store with available stock - view stores on the help centre for more information
  • User right PARMO - allows access to the parts tab


  • When working on an appointment the + shown below allows you to add items, such as parts or activities, to the appointment.


  • Selecting + opens the following menu, select parts from the list.


  • The list will display all available parts assigned to your store. You can filter the list by part category or search by part name or number by using the controls in the top right, selecting the tick will add the selected parts to the appointment.

    If you have barcodes on your parts which correlate to your part refs, you can scan a barcode to quickly and easily find the part you want to add. Selecting the Search option will display the Barcode icon which you can press to launch the scanner. Any barcode information that you scan will then display in the search bar.

  • If you have a Parts Arena integration, you will see the Parts Arena button at the top of the list.



  • If required you can also choose to display parts that are currently out of stock by selecting the switch.


  • Tapping + against a part will adjust the quantity to add to the appointment. Once you have added all relevant parts, select the tick in the top right.


  • Once submitted, you can view the used part in the parts tab and from there you have the option to add a note, adjust quantity or remove the part.