Enhanced Surveys - PDF Surveys


Enhanced Surveys allows you to create complex surveys in Oneserve, including generating PDFs of survey submissions. Contact Oneserve to ensure that you have this feature activated.

Creating PDF Surveys

When you create a new Enhanced Survey, you will have the option of two survey types, including a PDF survey, PDF surveys allow you to upload a PDF template and overlay components on it, this in turn means that the survey results will automatically produce a PDF document in the format of the uploaded template, with the survey results in the correct sections of the document.


Select PDF Survey and upload the PDF template you want to use


You can add, remove and edit as many components to the survey as you require.

Adding Components

Once you have selected the Survey Type you want, you can start constructing the survey as required. Simply click and drag the different components you want to add to the survey into the available space. You can drop the components in any order you want.



Component Types

  • Text - Short and general text input.
  • Number - Only allows numbers to be entered
  • Password
  • Email - Can be set to specify that only a valid email can be entered
  • Phone Number - Can be set to specify that only a valid phone number can be entered
  • Currency - Displays a number in currency form
  • Checkbox - A simple box that is either ticked or un-ticked
  • Signature - Allows users to fill in a signature
  • Select - Creates a drop-down list of options
  • Radio - Allows users to select one of multiple options
  • Text Area - Text input which requires multiple lines
  • Date/Time - Can be used to input dates, times, or both
  • File - Allows users to upload files (such as images) to a survey

Some components have to be set up in a specific way in order to work as intended.

File Component

The File component allows mobile operatives to upload files, including images, as part of completing a survey. To ensure the image gets uploaded and displayed properly. In the File tab, select S3 for the Storage, and select 'Display as Image(s)' checkbox to make sure the uploaded files show as an image on the submission results.

S3 image storage type

Select Component

The Select component allows users to select multiple values from a drop-down. You can specify the available values from the Data tab of the component.


Signature Component

The Signature component allows users to enter signatures as part of a survey. This component does not display the Label above the component and instead displays the Footer Label beneath the component. You can change this information in the Footer Label field of the Signature Component window.


Editing Components

Once you have added a component to the survey, you can edit by double clicking on the component you want to change.

Resizing Components

You can move and resize components by clicking and dragging the relevant component ot



Creating/Saving Surveys

Once you have entered the components you want, you can create the survey by clicking Create. If you are editing an existing survey, this button will display as Update, this will save and close the form. If you close the form without clicking this button, your changes will not be saved.

Switching Survey Types

Once saved, you can change the survey between the different survey types at any point by changing the Display As option on the survey type you want.



Once in Form type, you can reorder the fields to change how you would like the operative to complete them on their mobile device. By using these types together. You can have operatives complete a list of questions on a survey and results will automatically be stored in the PDF layout you have designed.

Note: click Update once you have switched the survey type to ensure that it's viewable as a form on the mobile app.