User's First Login



Note: The Oneserve mobile application requires the user's password to be reset the first time they login to the new mobile app.  Resetting your password via the Oneserve mobile app is quick and easy and a 'password reset' can becarried out by a user at any time when online.

Note: A user account requires the following information to support this process: 

  • Valid Email Address
  • Active Resource Assigned


First login: Password Reset

  • On the login screen, tap the link in at the bottom which says 'Forgot you password? Click here'


  • A new screen will show up for you to enter your company name and username.

Note Your company name will be the same as the end of the URL you use to access Oneserve on the desktop. For example, if your URL is then your Company Name will be 'Example'


  • After entering the relevant information, a box will show up confirming that a password reset email has been sent


  • Open your email app to get the relevant password reset code


  • Go back to the Oneserve app and enter the Verification code along with your new password. All passwords must contain at least one capital and one special character (e.g. !, ?, -)


  • Tap the Reset Password button. You will be returned to the login screen and shown a confirmation that your password has been reset


You will now be able to log into the application using your new password.