Release Notes - June 2022


Release notes - Oneserve Core - Version 32.1

Release Candidate: June 2022 - Core


Please find below a summary of the release notes for the next Core upgrade proposed for June/July 2022. This is currently being planned as a minor release upgrade. As such this will not require release candidate testing as we have historically provided for a major upgrade.


Duplicate Jobs

Issue: In some instances there were duplicate activities added to jobs when using work type activities, if the activity being added belonged to multiple activity groups.

Resolution: This has now been fixed to ensure that only the defined activities are added, without any duplicates.

addActivityByClientRef API

Issue: This relates to the 'addActivityByClientRef' API and how it currently functions. The API goes and finds the first LibraryActivity with a matching activity code, it doesn’t find the LibraryActivity based on the client Id or Reference.

Resolution: The 'addActivityByClientRef' API will now get library activity by Client ID and Cost Date as well as the activity code.

Two Parent Sites on Mobile

Issue: When two Sites have each other set as Parent Sites, appointments for these Sites don't show in the mobile app

Resolution: We have now amended the application to prevent users from being able to add two Sites as each other’s Parent Sites

Invalid Filenames

Issue: In some select instances users were uploading files in the desktop application which were getting stored with invalid filenames. This causes issues with some clients’ document transfer interfaces which can fail when encountering these files.

Resolution: We have now amended the invalid file characters and these will now be stripped from uploaded fields, preventing upload failures.

Manage Attributes Drag and Drop for Asset Types

Issue: In all instances of using the drag and drop functionality in the 'Manage Attributes' section of the desktop application, users were unable to add attributes to asset types via the drag and drop functionality.

Resolution: We have now fixed the drag and drop functionality in the 'Manage Attributes' section for Asset Types.